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The Script – Science And Faith

Hannah Quinn


Rather than Science and Faith, perhaps this second offering from the band should have been called Generic Break-Up Songs Volume I (or Volume II depending on your feelings on the first album). Yet maybe this is just what we expect from and like about The Script, that unmistakeable mid-tempo sound that is just that bit better than most boy band offerings, blurring the lines between pop and soft rock.

The first single to be released from the album, For the First Time, is probably the highlight, along with You Won’t Feel a Thing, reminding us what The Script do best – pop songs to sing along to or to keep a broken heart company. The album is ten tracks of inoffensive easy listening love and post-love songs, yet lacks any equivalent to catchy earlier hits like Breakeven or The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.

There is no doubt that this band is capable of writing great songs, but one can’t help being a little disappointed with Science and Faith. It doesn’t feel as if anything has developed or improved since their debut album and it all feels a little lacklustre and repetitive. While they are talented enough to be lasting artists, their future depends less on this talent and more on how they can evolve and improve on what is already a solid foundation.

Imagine what it might be like to hear a song and not know immediately that it is The Script. Refreshing eh? Their distinctive vocals and backing track music need a bit of a shake-up in order for this to happen, says this humble civilian. It’s a resounding Do-Better-Next-Time for the band who needs to move from vanilla territory into knickerbocker glory land if they are to avoid fading into elevator music and love compilation material –  here’s hoping they can make the leap.