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The Sea & I – The Sea & I EP

Laura Lloyd


The Sea & I have released their self-titled, 6-track EP with the help of mixer Ian Grimble (who also worked with artists such as Seasick Steve) and have managed to produce an enchanting and well-structured album which is a dream for the ears. Not bad for two men who met in a Brooklyn bar and took a gamble with fate to write and produce music together. The twosome has also been highly recommended by none other than Mumford and Sons’ Ted Dwayne who deemed them a ‘masterful display of musical musicness.’

The album opens the ears to a broad spectrum of instruments from large brass bands to the heavenly charm of choir song. Opening track Building a Building is an instrumental taster of what can be expected from the rest of the album, it teases the listener, seductively urging them to listen on to see what the rest has to offer.

The second track Improve boasts so many instruments that it feels as though, you are being taken on a wild journey of sounds and emotions which can only be expressed through the chilled out melody that the song holds. Although there is an abundance of instruments and sounds within the song, they all serve more to compliment one another than to overpower. The ability to be able to use such a wide range of instruments but still make each one individual whilst making a song which does not assault the listener with messy and in-your-face melodies is astonishing and a rarity for artists of today.

Balloon on the other hand is a more brooding and gloomy affair with the tinkle of the keyboard and the sad, long, dramatic notes of the violin playing a key part in keeping the mood of the song to a dark one, compared to tracks such as Broken which is more uplifting and melodic.

It would be extremely hard not to recommend this band to any listeners looking for new indie/folk music to update their iPod with. The choir and instrument arrangements are out of the mainstream for indie artists but somehow The Sea & I make it work and this adds to their mystical and collective EP. The Sea & I are definitely destined for bigger things in the future.