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The Seventeenth Century – The Seventeenth Century (Part 1) EP

Karlyn King


Newly signed to Glasgow’s Electra French records, opener, Young Francis has the potential to transport you in time or space, as the vocals soar with delicate harmonies. This leads nicely into Amongst other Things, an all too short interlude, with a makeshift feel of psychedelics. Roses in the Park is an indie stomp along showcasing the brass section, and is by far the most memorable track.  Madrigal style vocals, in the style of Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal are dreamlike with harmonies that will stick in your head all day. Countryside is beautiful, delicate and sad all at once, in the Bon Ivor tradition but like the second track, is over all too soon.

There are heavy references to Beirut, and the blending of styles and experimentation of that ilk. Lead vocalist/violinist Mark Farmer channels this, not wholly unlike Rufus Wainwright, but with an apparent Romantic Scottish lilt. However the themes of what they want to say, if any, are still a little obscured by the musical atmospherics. A nice debut, however you can’t help but feel there’s much more to come in order to parallel their contemporaries, such as Neutral Milk Hotel. With Part 2 being released in April, time will tell.