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The Swellers – Running Out Of Places To Go EP

Becci Stanley


The first release after Good For Me, this album is a massive break from the usual mediocre claptrap inundating the pop punk scene, and is an incredibly solid and powerful released from the Michigan based quartet.

Opening song Hands is moderately paced and to me encapsulates the essence of summer and lazy days; it’s easy going, it’s bright and easy to tap your feet to, and wonderfully done. It’s a lot sunnier that previous songs by the band and definitely has the makings for a brilliant hit,. The vocals compliment the guitars beautifully and are powerful without being overpowering, although the drums and bass do get lost behind the sound of the guitar riffs until the end of the song which is a shame. Still they are heavy instruments and by accentuating the guitar in turn this gives the song an all-over lighter tone.

Let Me In has a similar feel to Hands, slightly grungier in the respect that it is ever so slightly harder, though essentially the same sound just slightly faster with thrashier guitars and harsher vocals.
Bad for Me & Making Waves don’t really stand out for me; they are both very similar and ever so slightly mundane. They are both good tracks don’t get me wrong, both demonstrate technical instrument use, specifically guitars which are essentially flawless, but they don’t possess the wow factor that they could of done. Despite this, Making Waves does incorporate a much faster element than other songs on the album and definitely has the ability to make you move, and Bad for Me is pretty sweet lyrically, whilst the vocals are also pretty melodic and ever so slightly soulful.

My favourite track is definitely closing track Running out Of Places to Go. It slows the album right down to a slow jam, and incorporates slightly haunting group vocalisations along with pounding drums and, as prominent throughout this EP, amazing guitar work. It’s darker and moodier, contrasts to the rest of the EP offering variety. It sends the EP out with a certain bang that shows the culmination of years of solid releases from the band.