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The Wonder Years – Get Stoked On It! (Re-issue)

Becci Stanley


Originally released in 2007, Get Stoked On It! was the debut album from the small band from the Keystone State, telling tales of love, loss and raw anxiety and passion through every single note; making them at the head of the revival of Pop-punk along with being incredibly relatable to an impressive fan base. 5 years after, the key album that started it all has been smoothed around its crooked and broken edges, bringing it up to date and showing how much the band have grown professionally.

There’s plenty to get stoked on all over again with this album, most notable different are the re-mastering of Let’s Moshercize!, bringing a whole new energy to the song which pumps straight through the listener giving them an extra push to mosh the pounds away. Meanwhile first track Keystone State Dude-core brings out Dan “Soupy” Campbell’s bellowing voice, showcasing the powerful drums and raging guitars.

Other highlights from this album include the newly improved Bout To Get Fruit Punched Homie. In which, the synth sounds clearer and cuts straight through any listener; much akin to the razor sharp and clever lyrics. These include metaphors for love’s lost and heart’s broken in which the band use to connect with their listeners, often creating comfort and a place to go for troubled fans. This is quickly what they are becoming know for, saving lives.

Buzz Aldrin: Poster Boy for Second Place now has an anthemic feel as it is as riddled with guitar riffs to be proud off as it is spine-tingling gang vocals and a catchy beat to get everyone on their feet and dancing. Whilst personal highlights of mine are that of Dude, What is a Land Pirate? and I Fell in Love with a Ninja Master in which stories of un-likely love are told with comedic value, such as the imagery of a pirate taking a woman out to lunch and getting into bar fights, and a ninja girl friend who spears hearts with shurikens.

In the words of the band themselves, “I’m getting better, but it’s in small steps”, contrarily shows that in just five years a band can achieve a great deal and change many lives. This album is fun, heart breaking, and ultimately inspirational. A must have in any angst ridden life.


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