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Them Wolves – German For Duke

Becci Stanley


Straight out of my local music scene in the second city, Birmingham mob Them Wolves burst out of the wood works with this eclectic, frenetic release bound to make you sweat from the pure adrenaline filled highs. Similar to the likes of Blakfish, Trash Talk & Letlive though not following directly in their footsteps, the band take a crazy, untameable monstrous element and craft it into a highly precise and talent E.P.

Opening track The Wild Girl of Champagne begins with doom-mongering and off-key chords in short sharp burst amongst pain-filled wails and screamed vocals; its like being thrown in at the deep end in a mental asylum before it reins back into calm, moody bass in the forefront and faint vocals.

Folding a Napkin on Terminal Isla feels slightly more reigned in and accessible with heavy punk influences noticeable through the repetitive yet ballzy guitar chords and visceral vocals yet still maintaining an edgy feel as it rises and falls in tempo. You never know what will happen next with this band.

Lets You and Him Fight starts slowly with bursts of strange noises amongst deep, building guitars as they slowly reach a climax that can only be described as loud and crazy as we travel through a slow, winding chorus of whining vocals and controlled guitar to a cacophony of instruments and screeching.

You’re More Like A Young Mary Bell starts from the cacophony that was left with a confusing mix of instruments that seem to be just randomly played against barely audible vocals. It’s strange, the rest of the E.P though insane is incredibly crafted, whereas this song has a sloppy feel associated with a poor song. However, it’s more audibly intriguing than off putting as it uses feedback and “bad” music playing to create something dark on purpose.

Closing track Wolf Song is where the band really shows what they’ve got as all the elements from the previous tracks come together in one huge, clashing, majesty. The E.P culminates in a display of musical lunacy showcasing deep, thudding bass, wailing guitars, screeching vocals, thumping drums and feedback to top it all off.

Them Wolves hit the fine balance of trying something a bit out there without flying straight off the mark and creating something completely nonsensical. They combine power and confusion in perfect harmony and out of this has come a release which is sure to leave you short of breath.

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