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Thomas Tantrum Interview May 2011

Catherine May


About to release their new single, Hot Hot Summer, on 5 June, Thomas Tantrum  have already produced a fun video for the song. We caught up with the band to learn how the video was made and see how excited they are for their upcoming UK headline tour…

MTTM: How would you compare Mad By Moonlight to your debut?

Thomas Tantrum: It’s hard to compare them; I would feel like a mother comparing her children. “Mad By Moonlight” is our debut album’s elder sister. She is a bit more grown up and intelligent. Where we were once brat punk (as I like to call it) we are now melancholy dream pop. Where our first album was a collection of songs we had written and rewritten over a vast period of time and then stuck together on a track-listing, the songs on the new album relate, compliment and understand one another with a certain amount of grace and woe.

MTTM: Do you consider music videos when writing the songs? Did you enjoy creating the final product with the faux-Christmas and summer scenes in Hot Hot Summer?

Thomas Tantrum: Hot Hot Summer was the last song we recorded for the album so I don’t think that music videos were really on our mind at the time. We didn’t even think it would be a single until we got a good reaction from our producer and management. Making the video was massive fun though. We actually filmed it on the roof of a co-op in a wonderful little place called Shirley in Southampton. It felt a bit odd putting up a Christmas Tree and getting spurted with snow when it was actually quite a hot evening – but hey the things you do for art eh!

MTTM: What was it like supporting Glasvegas again?

Thomas Tantrum: Great fun as always, they are a lovely bunch! Treated us to a Thai dinner on the last night of the tour!

MTTM: How are you feeling about headlining a UK tour?

Thomas Tantrum: A little bit nervous to be honest. I always get so scared that no one will turn up! We’re going all over the UK though so I really can’t wait. We are going to Aberdeen and Edinburgh and I’ve never been to those places before so I’m especially looking forward to the Scottish leg of the tour. Going to miss my cat though.

MTTM: It seems as though you’re giving festival season a miss this year. Would you like to do the festival circuit again one year?

Thomas Tantrum: The year we released our first album we did pretty much every festival going (except Glastonbury) and it was the best summer of my life. Ho hum, maybe we’ll be in time for next year!

MTTM: You’re releasing bonus material on your new album especially for indie record stores. Are you champions of record stores as opposed to digital downloads?

Thomas Tantrum: Yes of course! Nothing beats the feeling of buying a CD or vinyl that you can actually hold in your hands and add to your collection. If you buy the album physically from an independent record store then you can also get 3 albums for the price of one and all wrapped up in home-made packaging.

MTTM: How do you feel social media has affected your career? Does help you connect with your fans?

Thomas Tantrum: Yeah I know some bands that hate it and hate the fact that they are being encouraged to constantly update fans on Facebook and Twitter but I don’t actually mind it. I found it a bit hard at first, I was like – “well, what shall I say? I haven’t got anything to say?” But I really enjoy it now and just blabber on about anything.

MTTM: What one thing would you most like to achieve as a band?

Thomas Tantrum: I would like to be able to make a comfortable living out of writing music. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I don’t want the fact that people steal music to get in my way of having a successful career.