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To Bury A Ghost – The Hurt Kingdom EP

Maria Turauskis


The Hurt Kingdom is the primary release by as yet unsigned band To Bury A Ghost. Producing self-determined “Art-Rock”, TBAG have here produced a complex, layered and deep release using numerous instruments and effects. There is a definite collage feel to the music; each of the parts on each song sound separate, isolated and developed. However, throughout this EP there is a cohesive and well-honed feel, with a mixture of cool indie synths and guitars, classical instruments (with classical parts as opposed to pop parts on classical instruments), and dreary, surly vocals.

Whilst TBAG’s music can certainly be defined as art-rock, to me there is a definite progressive vibe. Although there are little prog-rock pretentions within The Hurt Kingdom, there are obvious influences from the likes of Muse and Mogwai, as well as true prog-rockers like Mike Oldfield and even Genesis. The track Beginning is the End especially falls into this genre, being over six minutes in length, and having no discernable vocals to speak of. An interesting EP though, which certainly prophesises great things to come.