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Laura Lloyd


As The Twang are a band from my hometown, I was eager to get my hands on their new album Neontwang. As a Twang fan I was curious as to what the new album had to bring and whether it would live up to the standards of 2012 album 10:20.

First track City Lights is incredibly simplistic with a solemn and gloomy tone. Although it is a typical indie track, it didn’t really capture me as a listener. The song didn’t stand out and gave a disappointing opening, not even the trance-ish backdrop and added in SFX could make the song any more vibrant or bold. Though luckily already released track Larry Lizard boosts the expectations of the album. With a more upbeat, fast-paced tempo it puts the first track to shame, suddenly washing the album with colour.

Happy Famillies was definitely one of my favourites, introducing itself with a harmony that repeats the song title before tearing through the speakers with electric guitars and drums, giving it the rock and roll edge that a lot of the album has been lacking until now. Bigger Than You is a slow, swaying song which, although extremely depressing it is beautiful in its own right, a brilliant song to switch to when you’re trying to relax or do some work.

However, despite some of the songs being a let-down in more than one sense, each track is completely individual. Going through all eleven tracks, you will not find two songs that sound the same; they all breathe their own essence and have some sort of vibrancy in their own way which is quite an achievement for a band to pull off. Although I personally don’t think it even so much as makes a dent on 2012 album 10:20 it is definitely a good effort is worth investing in and forming your own opinion on, especially if you’re looking for something relaxing but upbeat at the same time, it’s a perfect combination.