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Ultimate Summer Playlist

Becci Stanley


1. Zebrahead – The Juggernauts

Third and final release from seventh studio album “Phoenix”, easily the best track on the album and has a belting summer themed video to go with.

2. The Wonder Years – Lets Moshercize!!!

Comic song about how moshing is the best form of exercise, compared to conventional methods. Bound to get anybody pro-active out in the sun.

3. Till We Drop – Be Kind, Please Rewind

From Debut “The Summer Triangle”, the whole album has a summer tinged pop-punk vibe, though this song is a personal favourite out of all.

4. Sum 41 – Summer

Pretty much summarized in the title, this song encapsulates the energy of summer from the legendary clowns.

5. Soundtrack To Your Summer – Dance All Night

This band, and single should definitely be your soundtrack to the summer with this powerful and driving anthem.

6. Set Your Goals – Summer Jam

Is exactly what is says on the tin. A tale from SYG of their times of a summer tour, along with underlying messages of youth coated in fantastic instrumentals.

7. The Secret Lives Of The Freemasons – Life begins at 40oz

A song entirely about beer, parties, more beer and friends. A perfect recipe for summer.

8. New Found Glory – My Friends over You

Easily one of their biggest, and probably the best song the veterans of pop-punk have brought out, broadcasting the message of how important companionship is, compared to everything else, with sunny and crashing instrumentals.

9. Motion City Soundtrack – The Sun Woke the Whole State

Starts with driving guitars and ends soothingly with heart-rending melody and lyrics. Perfect for lazy summer nights.

10. Blink 182 – The Rock Show

An incredibly well known song from the Godfathers of pop-punk. Telling the tale of a summer spent at the Warped Tour, with amazing live music and chasing that one special someone.

11. Me Vs Hero – Days That Shape Our Lives

An absolute tune encapsulating the exciting yet daunting feeling of growing up, and how the whole future is ahead and should be enjoyed. Heart warming stuff.

12. Man Overboard – Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

A simple acoustic song with atmospheric gang vocals about lazy summer days, friends, lovers and morals. A fast growing song in popularity and a fast growing band.