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Unconvention 17

Lisa Ward


Starting as an alternative to mainstream music events around the world, Un-Convention was first held in Salford in October 2008. Since then Un-Convention has grabbed the attention of the global grassroots music community and now has events taking place in India, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and USA – each event carrying the overall Un-Convention ethos, but driven by it’s local grassroots music scene and infrastructure. All are coordinated from Salford with instigators around the globe.

Un-Convention is a global grassroots music event and community that meets physically and virtually to share ideas, discuss and debate cutting edge issues around music, technology and creativity, and facilitates members engagement with their peers. Un-Convention is not about the business of music. The community is driven by a not for profit initiative that sees opportunity for the grassroots in the changes to the way music is being produced, consumed and sustained.

Taking place on February 26th, Un-Convention 17 is focused around Un-Convention Factory, featuring 6 special music collaborations with musicians including Jon McClure (Reverend Soundsystem), Viv Albertine (The Slits), Charli XCX, Lupa (Colombian MC) plus many more, alongside top producer Jagz Kooner. They will work with 80 invited music industry experts and 200 participants who will all be involved in creating, recording and producing an album in one day. The 6 bands involved will cover, or collaborate, on tracks from London Calling by The Clash.

Combine that with speed networking events and panels on ‘Sustainable Careers in Music’, ‘Women in Music’, ‘Events & Festivals’, ‘The Politicisation of Music’, ‘Music as a Tool For Social Change’ and many more, the day is set to be both collaborative and information. Add to that feast workshops on Digital Media and Graphics, ‘Dealing With The Media’ and ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Free Pancake’ and it seems that Un-Convention have designed a day which will answer any music question you might have, all under one roof.

With tickets costing just £8, you can find out all you need to know and grab yourself a slice of the action by visiting www.unconventionhub.org