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Unsigned Bands: The Rock Of Travolta

Lauren Corona


The Rock of Travolta aren’t a new band per se, but what with their last release (bar a couple of tracks on a couple of compilations) being in 2003, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are. The band’s last album, Uluru, was extremely well received outside of the mainstream, and although eight years is a huge gap to have between LPs, judging by their new material at live shows and online, they certainly have not lost it.

For those of you who remember The Rock of Travolta, there has been a line-up change since Uluru, and for those who do not, this will all be new information anyway. The current line-up consists of Jennie Bates alternating between playing bass, keyboards and cello (literally switching mid-song at times, it is really a sight to behold), Matt Spooner playing guitar, bass and keyboards, Dave Warrington on guitar, Joe Durow on drums and Jon Carter playing bass.

Although pigeonholing is so 2010, “The Rock” could be fairly accurately described as post-rock, with dynamic riffs and a huge, full sound. The band is almost exclusively an instrumental affair, but there is so much going on in their songs that you don’t ever miss the absence of vocals. This is a band I would definitely suggest to fans of Mogwai, …And You Will Know Them by the Trail of Dead and Shellac. Actually, I would suggest them to anyone, but those would be the people most likely to enjoy their work.

The Rock of Travolta’s new album, Fine Lines, will be out 14th March 2011. Those wanting an intro to this phenomenal band should check out Last March of the Acolytes, which is (at the time of publication) available on their MySpace page and also as a free download upon signing up to their mailing list via their official website.