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Vardo & The Boss EP

Jo Cox


You’d forgive me for thinking Colchester based four-piece Vardo & The Boss were a humble covers band based on a trawl of their Youtube videos. Whilst I particularly enjoyed the Price Tag vs Halo mash-up first hand when I saw them perform a support slot for Kate Miller-Heidke at The Water Rats last year, their debut EP sees me stand corrected on my original assumption. You can, however, tell quite a lot from the songs they’ve chosen to cover (together, individually and in various combinations) – everything from Pearl Jam to Paloma Faith. This is a band amalgamating a wide range of styles.

Further digging indicates why. A classical pianist and a metal rhythm section, fronted by dual Ellie Goulding-esque vocals infers quite a diverse mix of influences. You’re probably wondering now whether it all works in one big pot, and the unequivocal answer is yes. This band is a real powerhouse, even if there are times when the EP borders on becoming too intense. Conceptually it is, in their own words, about ‘a broken girl, trying to replace the love of her estranged father with various men who have led her astray’. Musically it gels into a mix of funked up folk-rock with solid bass, beats and lyrics.