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Vessels – Helioscope

Alyson Cocker


Vessels have come back with a new album, but will it be a hollow sound?  I have previously been lucky enough to watch this band in person during 2009 after they released the album White Fields and Open Devices when they played in a small venue and took the audience on an atmospheric journey. The band is made up of five members formed originally in Leeds in the year 2005 and have described themselves as alternative, experimental and of the rock genre.

With the release of the album Helioscope the listener is transported on a trip which transcends through stages and in parts it becomes quite intense. Taking you on a fast-paced journey one minute and in the next it slows you back with a relaxing melody.

Though Vessels have described themselves within certain music genres the album Helioscope also has an electronic feel in places giving it a wider audience appeal. The band are well renowned for their experimentation and this album is no different, songs such as all our ends starts off quite melodic with haunting lyrics, and, as the song progresses, the melody builds, adding more depth on many levels.  The album boasts an instrumental vibe, with only four tracks out of the nine having lyrics, performed by the band members Tom Evans and Lee Malcolm.

Though the album flows very well from track to track after listening to the album several times the songs do become quite similar in their sound, though there are noted changes in texture throughout the album such as the heavy chords from the song Art/Choke. I am undecided as to what setting I would recommend this album to be played in, I would however recommend seeing this band live as this is when the members are in their element and the music itself I feel is within its natural environment.


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