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Vuvuvultures – Push/Pull

Emily Bruce


London four piece Vuvuvultures’ debut album starts off with the brilliant Ctrl Alt Mexicans (which has a bassline that resembles Muse’s Time is Running Out), followed by Steel Bones – one of the most upbeat songs on the record and also its lead single. They are both undoubtedly highlights of the LP and extremely catchy.The band’s sound is bass heavy and guitar driven, but with electronic elements – synths get a lot of use. It’s quite a gothic, dark sound – and very bluesy, too, with thumping beats, heavy guitars and sultry vocals. There’s no denying the band have a unique sound.

Lead singer Harmony Boucher has a lovely, powerful, husky voice all at the same time – you can hear the passion in it and it all adds to the songs’ power. Occasionally there’s elements of vocalists such as Zola Jesus and I Blame Coco in her vocals, and other comparisons to the band might be Deap Valley with the heavy guitars and Crystal Castles on some of the more electronic tracks. They’re sound is undoubtedly their own, however – the only problem being it gets a little monotonous at points.

I’ll Cut You has a fantastic riff and is one of the best songs in my opinion, capturing the band’s sound extremely well. The Professional and Tell No One are also dramatic and excellent. Elsewhere, Another Hit is possibly the catchiest song on the record and Death Of Us All is the slowest song on the LP but also the most emotional. Finale Empurrar / Puxur is just a bit too long, unfortunately, and would have better if shorter – the last minute and a half of sounds drowning out is really not needed and feels indulgent. The record should have ended with a bang rather than a whimper.

Overall, Push/Pull is a promising first album with some excellent songs. However the band’s sound does wear thin after a while with no variation – and so it’s hard to know where they will go from here.