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Whales In Cubicles Interview February 2012

Nichola Eastwood


In between their hectic tour schedule and the release of their latest single, We Never Win, MTTM were lucky enough to grab a few seconds with Whales In Cubicles. Frontman, Stephano Bernardi, took some time out to answer our questions.

MTTM: Your current single We Never Win was released last month, how do you feel about the reaction to the track so far?

Whales In Cubicles: It’s been great. John Kennedy has been rotating it on XFM and we just did an X-posure live session with him. A lot of people have shown a lot of love for that track, which is really great.

MTTM: You have a very DIY approach to your music, home recording  We Never Win and making the accompanying video yourselves.  Do you prefer home recording to the studio?

Whales In Cubicles: A lot of our favourite bands recorded some of their best work that way. What’s so exciting about the whole DIY movement of the mid/late 80s is the home feel, the screeching sounds in the background, because what you’re hearing is the song in its true essence. A moment is captured as it’s happening, in the euphoric state of a songwriting high, before doubts and lack of self belief start messing with your mind. At the same time we love working in a studio for opposite reasons. It’s a lot harder, but when the right person is at the desk the same thing can happen. It comes down to mutual respect between producer and band, and a tremendous amount of trust. We have our minds set on who we are going to do our album with, because we know he is as much into it and excited as we are.

MTTM: What is it about the DIY approach that appeals to you and would encourage other bands to follow in your footsteps?

Whales In Cubicles: What it meant to us was complete control over our sound. At the time We Never Win was recorded there wasn’t even a band. We knew there was something there, but it was very easy going and all about the fun of recording something. It’s very hard to walk into a studio with a stranger and replicate that environment.

MTTM: You have a melting pot of influences.  How do you feel this is reflected in your sound?

Whales In Cubicles: As a band, we are really interested in the theme of fragmented identity. Speaking for myself, I am not sure what nationality I would categorize myself as anymore. This new century is crazy, our brains are still adjusting to this amount of information, we are influenced by so many different bands and music we can’t stick to just doing one thing, cause it would be reducing the complex magnitude of existence into a tiny little hole. You know, like squeezing a whale in a cubicle….

MTTM: How would you describe your music?

Whales In Cubicles: However I may describe it that’s not the way each individual will perceive it, so the best thing to do is come to one of our shows and find out for yourself. We have two guitars, bass and a few stomp boxes; we try to make the best of it.

MTTM: You’re touring this month; how are you feeling about the upcoming gigs?

Whales In Cubicles: Really can’t wait to get out there and making new friends. There’ll be a longer streak of touring, we may announce that sooner than you know it.

MTTM: What are the plans for Whales In Cubicles in the near future?

Whales In Cubicles: A couple more singles and then a record. We have more than an album’s worth and the exciting news for us is we should start recording it very soon.