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While She Sleeps – This Is The Six

Becci Stanley


Described as “Just the beginning of the thinking process” by vocalist Lawrence Taylor, debut album This Is the Six shows great promise for the British Metalcore mob’s future.  This debut effort comes after a short album entitled The North Stands For Nothing; incorporating the same coarse vocals, crashing guitars and general heaviness fans of this band have come to expect. Though interlaced into this mix, are soft, melodic interjections; a juxtaposition that oddly, working tremendously to bring each contrasting sound out into their own.

The album itself covers themes such as the relationship While She Sleeps have with their fans, (the six equating to the five members of the band, and the left over being the fans that have brought them to the place they are at today), and the state of modern day Britain in which the Sheffield-based group have grown thrived in.

The album begins with Dead Behind The Eyes, an attack of screaming guitars, crashing drums and the vocal styling’s of guest Andrew Neufield of Comeback Kid fame, using different vocals styles such as shouting, screaming and using gang vocals adds different layers amongst the complex music showing how much more intricate and polished their music has become. Worlds away from this is fifth track Our Courage, Our Cancer which lulls the listener into a soothed mental state with the tinkling of piano keys and sweet sound of synth, to be quickly thrown into Taylor’s visceral shouting, gang vocals, and guitar solos Hendrix himself would be proud of.

Debut single and album title, This Is The Six shows the darker musical styling’s of While She Sleeps. Being arguably the heaviest track on the album, and like the album title based on the relationship the band have with their devoted fans, the energy seeps out of this song and encapsulates the raw brutality of a While She Sleeps show in its entirety. Repeated shouting of “This is the six” drums home how much this bond means to the band, and sends a shiver down the spine with chilling guitar chords softly behind.

Meanwhile, second single Seven Hills, showcases the bands intricate musical knowledge brandishing complex guitar riffs and drum techniques; before being further thrust down our ears by the ending track Reunite. With more spine chilling moments, Reunite portrays a bleak picture of modern Britain today as the band sees it, and, as I’m sure many of their fans could relate to in 1 minute. This highlights the transformation within the album from the angst ridden and roaring first track Dead Behind The Eyes, to the technicalities of Seven Hills, Be(lie)ve and The Plague of a New Age, through to the sombre and bleak Reunite. This is the Six in its entirety, is a fantastic product of a bands hard work, maturity and growing knowledge of their instruments and fan base.