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Your Valentine’s Playlist

Nichola Eastwood


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, MTTM decided to bring you a list of V Day tunes.  Whether you’re single or happily loved up this February 14th there’s a track here to make your day.

Kimberley Manderson – Reviewer

Having not had very many positive Valentine’s experiences (sob) I’ve become a fan of the anti-valentine theme. Enter the queen of the scorned-woman anthems; Kelly Clarkson. Most of her songs are proof and reassurance that you don’t need a man to be an awesome woman yourself, and sometimes, especially as a singleton on Valentine’s day, it’s nice to be reminded of that.

Maria Turauskis – Sub Editor/Reviewer

Martyr for My Love for You by The White Stripes is a great song that encapsulates that cut your heart out, potent and passionate, deep, all encompassing love that many fantasize about on Valentine’s Day. Reuben’s Good Luck is the perfect anti love song which really captures the callous, painful and selfish side of love, and the cold, vacant difficulty of breaking up.

Dana Beaton – Reviewer

Love Is Pain by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts isn’t particularly optimistic, with its references to a repeated cycle of falling in and out of love.  Joan Jett is a huge idol of mine, I admire the raw lyrics and admission of love’s imperfections. It doesn’t have to be interpreted negatively; it’s about allowing yourself to become vulnerable again and open to risk, even if the same heartbreak is due to follow. Or maybe it’s just a cynical view of relationships. Can I help that I’m open-minded?

I Wanna Know What Love Is is a classic and timeless rock song. While Foreigner have written a number of love songs, this one re-appears numerous times at weddings. I think what many people like about this track is its intensity, while still being simple and easy-going. It’s great to dance to, listen to casually or play as an accompaniment to a romantic evening. And rock music is endlessly sexy. What more could you want?

Mimi Black – Reviewer

Even though I’ve not had anyone to share Valentine’s with, Drops of Jupiter is my song of choice. It’s a catchy tune, which I can’t help but smile to every time I listen to it. The lyrics make no sense, but, it’s not your typical love song… “Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken…” Not many people would put deep-fried chicken into a song, but these guys did.

Nichola Eastwood – Sub Editor/Reviewer

I have to confess Valentine’s Day (or soppy commercialism day as I prefer to call it) is not my cup of tea, as are love songs.  There is however one utterly adorable exception to the rule.  My song of choice for this year’s annual mush fest is The Moldy Peaches’ Anyone Else But You.  It’s not your average love song, with lyrics like ‘we sure are cute for two ugly people’ it’s certainly quirky and original.  You won’t find any clichés or cheesiness here.  Kimya Dawson’s childlike vocals and sweet guitar make this heart renderingly unforgettable.

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