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Zebrahead Interview August 2011

Tess Askew


As they release of their latest album, Get Nice!, we caught up with Zebrahead’s vocalist and guitarist Matty Lewis to talk about the album, their fans and the many uses of baby wipes…

MTTM: First up, how would you describe your music to any of our readers who haven’t heard you before?

Matty Lewis: I would say that our music is somewhere between awesome and awful!  But seriously, it’s kind of like if Green Day and Rage Against The Machine had a baby, who then had a baby with Sum 41 and Cheap Trick, and maybe Night Ranger. Oh, and added in a little bit of Jack Daniels sauce… It is seriously so hard to describe your own bands sound. But it’s rock and roll. Yeah, it’s just rock and roll.

MTTM: What can fans expect from your new album ‘Get Nice!’?

ML: Hopefully they will get a little positive feel from the album and enjoy the songs and want to party with us live!

MTTM: Have any UK bands or acts made an impact on you recently?

ML: I really like Attack Attack.  Definitely friends, but more importantly they are one kick ass band. I seriously love their songs and they are extremely tight on stage.  A tough band to follow!

MTTM: You have had a long career and have kept the same core fan base as well as gaining a whole load more of ‘the kids’ what do you think this is down to?

ML: I think that it’s the fans that have done the work.  Fans in the UK and in Europe are tight with their bands and are with them through thick and thin, which is amazing.  They seriously are the heart of Zebrahead, and we would be nothing without them.  As far as the “kids” are concerned, again the current fan base tells their friends and their friends tell theirs, etc. and it’s ongoing. We’re almost like a disease!

MTTM: What is the one song you are most proud of and would like to be known for or remembered for?

ML: Hmm, one song to be remembered for?  Well, I’m really proud of all of the songs on Get Nice!  I can’t pick just one.

MTTM: You are renowned for being on the road a whole lot, what are your tips for survival?

ML: Easy.  Baby wipes, Internet, clean underwear, socks, and baby wipes.  And did I mention baby wipes?  They work as showers AND as butt cleaners!

MTTM: Do you prefer to play large shows or the smaller, more intimate ones?

ML: They are apples and oranges… both are delicious and both are awesome!  We play every show the same.

MTTM: You have been together 15 years and only had one line up change; this seems to be rare in music these days, what has held you all together?

ML: We just love to play music and are regular dudes and good friends.  It’s tough for any band as it is, but we share the same goals and love of music that gets us through!